Aspenden Hall

Aspenden Village and civil parish is in East Hertfordshire. The village is just to the south of Buntingford.  The place-name is first attested in 1212 and means "valley of aspen trees".


Aspenden Parish Council has a vacancy for a Councillor due to the sad death of Councillor Cyril Berry.

Notice of the vacancy has been formally reported and as there were no requests for an election Aspenden Parish Council is now in a position to co-opt to fill the vacancy.

In order to be eligible to be a Parish Councillor applicants must fulfil the following criteria:
Be over 18 years of age
Be a Commonwealth citizen or citizen of the European Union
Be an elector
Be a resident of Aspenden Parish or within three miles of it or an owner or tenant of property or work here

If you fulfil the criteria listed above and would be interested in becoming a Parish Councillor and filling this vacancy please contact the Clerk:

Denise Anderson
Email clerk@aspendenvillage.co.uk
Telephone 01763 271982

Applications will be considered at the next Parish Council meeting on 3rd September 2018 so please ensure your application is received by the Clerk by 31st August 2018.

The next Parish Council Meeting will be on Monday 3rd September 2018 at 8.00pm in The Fox - Agenda

The Agenda will be available 3 clear days before the meeting.

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Aspenden War Memorial

Rosemary Poulton has researched further information and details of the names of those from Aspenden that fought and died during World War I that are remembered on Aspenden War Memorial. The full list can be downloaded here.


James Ansell
Reuben Bradford
William Campwar memorial
Reginald Cornwell
Richard Edwards
Charles James Edwards
William J Edwards
Charles H Edwards
Frederick Hills
Harry Hagger
Walter Miles
Arthur Miles
James Mileham
Harry Moule
Thomas Neale
William Poulton
Joseph Parker
Arthur Reed
Frank Rule
William Spencer
William Woodcock

Walter C Rasbar

Parish Council


Christopher Seymour (Chairman)
Alex Savile (Vice Chairman)
Thomas Poulton
Jeffrey Poulton 
Caroline Surrey

Denise Anderson (Clerk) Telephone 01763 271982 email clerk@aspendenvillage.co.uk

District Councillor Paul Kenealy Telephone 01438 861767 email paul.kenealy@eastherts.gov.uk

County Councillor Jeff Jones email Telephone 01763 274800 email jeff.jones@eastherts.gov.uk



14th May 2018 - Parish Council - unapproved
14th May 2018 - Annual Meeting of the Parish Council - unapproved
14th May 2018 - Annual Parish Meeting - unapproved
5th March 2018 - Parish Council

2nd January 2018 - Parish Council

4th December 2017 - Parish Council
25th September 2017 - Parish Council
11th September 2017 - Parish Council
8th May 2017 - Parish Council
8th May 2017 - Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
8th May 2017 - Annual Parish Meeting
6th March 2017 - Parish Council


28th November 2016 - Parish Council
5th September 2016 - Parish Council
16 May 2016 - Parish Council
16 May 2016 - Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
16 May 2016 - Annual Parish Meeting
21 March 2016 - Parish Council
25 January 2016 - Parish Council

23 November 2015 - Parish Council
21 September 2015 - Parish Council
20th July 2015 - Parish Council
18th May 2015 - Parish Council
18th May 2015 - Annual meeting of the Parish Council
16th March 2015 - Parish Council
19th January 2015 - Parish Council

10th November 2014 - Parish Council
8th September 2014 - Parish Council
7th July 2014 - Parish Council
27th May 2014 - Parish Council
27th May 2014 - Annual Meeting of Parish Council
27th May 2014 - Annual Parish Meeting
10th March 201415th January 2014



The latest planning list is here



Standing Orders
Code of Conduct
Financial Regulations
Risk Assessment
Complaints Procedure


2017 - 2018
Certificate of Exemption
Annual Internal Audit Report 2017 - 2018
Section 1 Annual Governance Statement 2017 - 2018
Section 2 Accounting Statements 2017 - 2018
Expenditure April 2017 - March 2018
Analysis of variances 2017 - 2018
Bank reconciliation @31st March 2018

2016 - 2017
Annual Return
Expenditure April 2016 - March 2017
Bank Reconciliation
Significant Variances

2015 - 2016
Annual Return
Expenditure April 2015 - March 2016
Bank Reconciliation
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2014 - 2015
Annual Return

St Mary's Aspenden

 Mary's Aspenden

Situated at the west end of the village road St Mary's offers a traditional style of worship with services on most Sundays, see the Buntingford Journal, or the church noticeboard for the current list of services. The church has a choir, a peal of bells with an active team of ringers and a family service on the first Sunday of most months.

We know that a priest in residence was recorded in the village as early as 1086, the time of the Domesday survey, and deep in the north wall of the church nave are some traces of Saxon workmanship, so it is possible that a place of worship has been on this site since about 950 AD.
Contact:   Reverend Ian Hill on Tel:01763 274072


 Contact the parish clerk either using the form below or by emailing clerk@aspendenvillage.co.uk